There are over 1, unique throw pillows and decorative pillow styles available through PillowDecor. Pillow Decor also offers a wide selection of pillow inserts that can be bought separately from our pillow covers. Use the drop down menus at the top of the page to browse by category or, if you know what you are looking for, try a site search by keyword using the search box at the top right. Have questions or can't find what you're looking for?

Give us a call toll free at Throw pillows offer the opportunity to embellish and enhance interior decor by introducing splashes of color, texture and patterns to otherwise mundane spaces.

throw pillow sets

As North America's largest specialty throw pillows retailer, we offer throw pillows in a variety of colorsshapes, patterns, fabrics and pillow sizesoffering infinite interior design and creative possibilities. Our inventory includes many available throw pillows styles as well, including designer collections to fit any taste.

The best designers use colors and materials to create moods and themes in their interior spaces.

throw pillow sets

Want to create a casual, comfortable feeling? Try large, oversized throw pillows placed on the floor. Need to show order and symmetry in your room? Place small throw pillows in a row to create a compelling visual statement. Have a taste for the exotic or colorful?

Our silk pillows create a feeling of luxury and sophistication and are available in bright colors. Want texture? Try our chenille or suede throw pillows for a soft, irresistibly touchable accent. Our throw pillows, accent pillows, toss pillows and decorative pillows are a creative and affordable way to put the perfect finishing touches on your rooms' decor.

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Sofa Throw Pillows

Belham Living. Your Zone. Drew Barrymore Flower Home. LR Resources. Rizzy Home. Noble House.

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Unique Bargains. Casual Cushion. Nestl Bedding. Aiking Home Collection. Fun Pillow. Ozark Trail. Living Healthy Products. Holiday Time. Alexandra'S Secret Home Collection. Parent's Choice. Cushie Pillows.When you are choosing pillows for a sofa keep in mind the overall color of the room plus the color of the sofa and the effect you wish to create with your sofa pillows.

Designers suggest an odd number of sofa pillows to create an interesting arrangement. Bravo Sofa Pillow. Bravo Natural Sofa Pillow. Bravo Sun Sofa Pillow. Orwick Natural Sofa Pillow. Chevron Poppy Sofa Pillow. Looped Onyx Decorative Pillow.

Baroda Sofa Pillow. Rivington Sofa Pillow - 2 pc Clearance 14x Ameil Yellow Throw Pillow. Chevron Navy Accent Pillow. Chevron Citrus Sofa Pillow - 2 pc. Chevron Turquoise Pillow. Chevron Khaki Throw Pillow. Chevron Aquarius Throw Pillow. Fresca Peacock Throw Pillow. Fresca Gold Throw Pillow.

Titan Red Throw Pillow. Lattice Aqua Throw Pillow. Azure Maze Pillow. Carmine Red Pillow. Regatta Teal Pillow. Geo Butter Pillow - Set of 2 16x Geo Nickel Sofa Pillow.

Blue Scroll Pillow. Cats Cradle Midnight Pillow - 2pc.

throw pillow sets

Doetta Seaside Throw Pillow. Olympus Throw Pillow - 2 pc.Plaid lends instant warmth and timeless tradition to any space, from living room to guest bedroom. Our classic Tartan Throw Pillow is handmade and cozy palette of red, brown, and blue tones, reversing to a neutral slate gray. Natural texture to warm up your sofa or bed. Our Pinstriped Flatweave Throw Pillow is hand woven of soft wool blend in horizontal double pinstripes that go from rustic to global with easy transitional style.

Each is hand finished with When a throw pillow can add color and personality to any room and in every season, you know it's a decorative win-win. Our square Dahlia Crewel Pillow is made of white cotton duck embroidered in a block-print inspired floral of A touch of sparkle to dress up your sofa or bed top.

Our magical Celestial Throw Pillow is made of soft cotton velvet and embroidered in a Nordic star-inspired design. The star applique is hand finished with metallic champagne threads for Jacobean florals are one our favorite decorative motifs for their timeless look and graphic punch.

Our Tabitha Crewel Floral Throw Pillow is sewn of crisp cotton duck beautifully embroidered all over in white flowing vines and exotic We never bow to decorating rules, but we do believe that every well designed room needs a little animal print.

Decorative Pillows

Our luxe Antelope Pillow is an easy, comfortable way to layer in the look. This fashion-forward throw pillow is printed on It's beautifully easy to layer your sofas, chairs and bed tops in rich color and texture with our Fringed Signature Velvet Pillows. These cozy throw pillows are made with our luxurious Signature Velvets and finished with tonal 1" cotton If you've never considered mixing in a floral throw pillow on your sofa or bed top, our Becca Pillow is a beautiful reason to change your mind.

Inspired by intricate botanical studies that were once all the rage in 19 th century We designed this sophisticated throw pillow cover to coordinate with our classic Dupioni Silk Drapery Panel, so you can carry the look from window to seating and bed top. Blocks of deep, plush color to soften your look in the living room, family room or bedroom.In many ways, it's a Super Bowl of the lower weight classes, featuring a rising star in Lomachenko (9-1, 7 KOs), who captured world titles in two weight divisions in just his seventh pro fight, and the enigmatic Rigondeaux (17-0, 11 KOs), among the greatest defensive geniuses in history.

You can just as easily call it a showdown for current pound-for-pound supremacy. Heck, Roy Jones Jr.

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But for all its ravenous appeal to hard-core fans within the very niche world of the sports science, it was difficult to imagine it would ever connect to a greater audience beyond that. Although Lomachenko is getting close, neither fighter speaks English full-time in interviews and both have styles which are heavier on technical wizardry (Rigondeaux has been regularly deemed boring) than bone-crushing knockouts. But something happened along the way to challenge that theory.

First, legendary promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank announced a four-year deal with ESPN earlier this year, which included Lomachenko's August victory over Miguel Marriaga, and secured prime real estate for the fight (9 p.

ET) immediately after the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Secondly, the fight sold out the 5,500-seat Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York two months ahead of time. The result has been a steady stream of crossover buzz for a fight pairing a fighter (Ukraine's Lomachenko) who might already be the best in the sport after just 10 pro bouts against maybe the only man equipped to disarm him (Cuba's Rigondeaux).

Even the occasionally gruff Arum, who turns 86 on Friday and enters the 30th event he has promoted at "The World's Most Famous Arena" throughout 50-plus years in boxing, had to admit he was pleasantly surprised at how the fight has been received. It's something that is well merited. It's not a fluke that it's getting the attention that it's getting because of the participants involved. These are two of the greatest amateur fighters in boxing history and the fact that they are going at each other is something truly splendid.

I'm honored to promote this fight. But the bout offers much more to each fighter on a macro level.

throw pillow sets

For Rigondeaux, 37, his professional career has been a constant battle of one step forward and two steps back. Often avoided due to his talent level and lack of marketability, Rigondeaux has typically been his own worst enemy when it comes to business decisions and his reluctance to fight in a style other than cautious.

But a win over Lomachenko would offer Rigondeaux a bookending victory to his career, pairing with his surgical decision win over Nonito Donaire that made his name professionally in 2013.

It would also offer Rigondeaux a chance to play spoiler for a second time against his former promoter Arum, who dropped him after his contract expired in 2013. While you could argue that Lomachenko would benefit more from a commercially satisfying victory to further help build his star, a win over Rigondeaux offers something critically that no other fight can match.

And for those who have been slow to anoint Lomachenko so early in his career as one big-name fighter after another as avoided him, this is important. Power: Both have relied more on speed and accuracy to finish opponents than heavy hands over the years. And even though Rigondeaux likely has more power comparable to his own division than Lomachenko, considering he has a history of having broken the eye sockets of two opponents and the jaw of another, it's hard to overlook he will be moving up two divisions to face Lomachenko.

Rigondeaux has also proven susceptible to flash knockdowns at both 118 and 122 pounds. Speed: It's going to be fun finding out exactly who has the edge. While Rigondeaux is naturally smaller and has long relied on a lightning quick counter left hand, he's also 37 and has been a victim of inactivity.

Lomachenko, meanwhile, appeared to shock featherweight Gary Russell Jr. Technique: Just how good are these two from a technical standpoint. Let it be known, from now until the end of their respective careers, that this is the only time either one will enter a fight without owning a dominant advantage in this category.

That's what makes this fight unique to any other. Defense: Part of what makes this matchup so fun is that both are polar opposites in terms of their natural inclinations. Lomachenko is a flashy offensive whiz who uses footwork and awkward angles to break opponents down.

Rigondeaux is more comfortable avoiding punches and exposing his opponent than necessarily making him pay. Like his contemporary Floyd Mayweather, "El Chacal" is in the conversation among the greatest defensive fighters who have ever laced up gloves.

Intangibles: Lomachenko is in the midst of his physical prime at 29 and has been both active and ambitious in his short career, having fought for a world title in his second pro bout.

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Rigondeaux is a different story.Different governments use different methods to block access to websites. Some use a combination of techniques to block access to certain sites. In just about all cases, it is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that implements the blocks.

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The evening meals that were provided as part of the package were either in the accommodation or at local restaurants and were of a very high quality. There are optional extra's such as Whale Watching and the Thermal baths which although we pre booked could be booked on the tour. Transfer back to the airport was provided. In summary this was a very well organised tour both before leaving home and whilst there. The program is varied and interesting, capturing all the major attractions.

Would highly recommend the tour to anyone wanting to see the main sites but not do all the legwork of a self drive. A friend and I (who live in Australia and UK respectively) were keen to do a self drive tour of Iceland as we could have autonomy and flexibility and avoid the tour bus hordes.

We found Nordic Visitor through Google and I'm so glad we did. We chose the 10 day Full Circle tour - which comes with a rental car, pre booked accommodation, detailed road map, local mobile phone, GPS and many suggestions for destinations and activities.

Throw Pillows

We opted for a 4x4 vehicle (highly recommended as there is a fair amount of off-roading) and budget accommodation which was pretty much guesthouses. That's part of the deal anywhere really.

There is so much to say about the trip itself so feel free to send a message if you want more info. Nearly all the arrangements went without a hitch and what didn't go smoothly wasn't due to Nordic Visitor getting it wrong and indeed didn't ruin the trip at all (eg the guesthouse in Reykjavik wasn't aware of my travelling companion's very early arrival and were not prepared).

My only negative comment is some of the worthwhile sights might not be on their recommended itinerary so do a little research of your own. Also a bit more time (a day perhaps) in the north east of the country would have been ideal. I dropped by their office in Reykjavik at the end of the tour (a little tricky to find as it is tucked away on the edge of town) and was pleasantly surprised by a request to do a brief video of our tour highlights for other travellers.

I received a beautiful hardcover book of Icelandic photographs for my trouble. Iceland is a Josie, Puerto Rico Iceland Grand Tour, July 2015 16 amazing days in Iceland Not only did Nordic Visitor delivered on everything that was needed, all the extra tours that were booked by them exceeded our expectations.

Spent 16 days on a self-drive tour of Iceland including west fjords. Every detail was taken care of, the car was excellent, the accommodations that were booked were more than what was needed. They gave us a telephone and had regular contact with us.

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Assisted us every time we needed any assistance. Will recommend this company and will be more than happy to use again in the future. Tip to travelers: Do everything with lots of time. We planned this trip more than 7 months in advance. Find about weather condition, climate and clothing needs. Overall, we had a wonderful time and saw a lot of beautiful scenery. Overall we got exactly what we came to see. The itinerary was exactly as described, all buses,trains and hotels were scheduled perfectly.

The phone was a great touch and very much appreciated. The tour was amazing and let me see Norway in a way that I had not imagined. The hotel personnel were very helpful, and the breakfasts were amazing.

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